Floridian Student Wins Mention in the Ibero-American Informatics Olympiad (+Photos)

Florida, June 26 – Floridian student Luis Felipe Hernández Álvarez obtained a Mention in the Ibero-American Informatics Olympiad, an annual online competition that challenges the creativity and skills of young talents in the field of programming, held on Saturday, June 22 at the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI) in the Cuban capital.

After an arduous preparation at the Instituto Preuniversitario Vocacional de Ciencias Exactas (IPVC) Máximo Gómez Báez, where he is in 12th grade, Luis Felipe was selected among 15 competitors from all over the country to participate in this contest and demonstrate the skills acquired in an exam in which he had to solve four problems of algorithmic nature in a record time of five hours (Photos: NTV/Canal Caribe/Cuba). (Photos: NTV/Canal Caribe/Cuba)

With the aim of stimulating interest in data processing, computer science and information technology, the basis of technological progress in the era of Artificial Intelligence, the Ibero-American Informatics Olympiad was attended this year by 19 countries in the region, including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Cuba.

In the Ibero-American Informatics Olympiad, Cuba won six silver medals, two bronze medals and two mentions.

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