Seminar on good food manners contributes to nutrition education of Floridian students (+Photos)

Seminario sobre Mesas Modelos contribuye a la educación nutricional de educandos floridanos

Florida, Feb. 16 – Sierra Maestra elementary school in the city of Florida hosted the Seminar on good food manners manners with the attendance of all school administrators and presided over by Marilyn Becerra Fernández, head of the Education Assurance and Support Unit.

Participants in the event discussed the operation of good food manners and shared their experiences, a process included in the Food Sovereignty and Nutrition Education strategy that aims to instill in students the right habits for healthy eating and eating behaviors.

At the closing of the event, Becerra Fernandez called in his speech to intensify this movement with creative initiatives, sence of belonging and responsibility, to stimulate students and workers, and highlight the culinary art from the point of view of healthy eating, with the support of the productions of school gardens and the efforts that each educational institution can make with their own efforts.

With the in schools, students not only receive guidance and information, but also taste the different dishes prepared with the help of everyone.

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