Renowned Floridian poet Honorary Counselor of the Parnassus Movement of the XXI Century

Florida, Jul 25.- A new recognition, now of an international nature, distinguishes the Florida writer Elena María Obregón Navarro, who was appointed as Honorary Counselor of the Ambassador of Concord and Social Relations of the Parnassus Poetry Movement of the XXI Century, of which she has been a part since its inception.

As the poet explains, during the stage of social isolation due to COVID-19, through social networks she was linked to literary groups inside and outside the country; meanwhile, Parnaso del Siglo XXI demanded more attention due to its characteristics and the internationally renowned writers that make it up.

On its official site, the Spanish poet Mari Paz Sainz Angulo, one of the founders, publishes that «the Parnassus Poetry Movement of the 21st Century is a literary phenomenon that began in Ontinyent, Valencia, Spain, in May 2019, and today it looms as an organism of great magnitude on the campus of letters and romanticism, the aptly named queen of literature, Poetry.»

The Parnassus Poetry Movement of the 21st Century brings together poets from all over the world united by the love of poetry, and to whom social networks allowed them to share their creations in the midst of a time of isolation and pain experienced by humanity.

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