Let us remain alert to the new hoaxes of the enemies of the Revolution

The enemies of the Revolution do not cease every day in their efforts to cause harm to our people and misrepresent the Cuban reality, seeking to sow discouragement and distrust in our people and undermine the majority support for the political and social system defended here for more than 60 years. years «with all and for the good of all».

In this sense, it highlights that starting from the frustration caused by the Cuban resistance against the genocidal blockade and the more than 240 measures approved by the White House to intensify it, the new strategy focuses, right now, on the use of the social networks of Internet to sow ignorance of the institutionality and order within the island, supported, almost always, by false news, outdated opinion matrices and show business gossip with an emotional impact.

The impudence and lack of common sense of those who invent, exaggerate and publish supposed criminal acts to enthrone fear in the population and discredit the control activity of the police forces and the Ministry of the Interior are not surprising.

Convinced of the reach and influence of platforms such as Facebook and other cyberspace channels in different segments and groups of young people and people with a lower level of information, the ideologues of destruction and their neoplatist army, paid with money from Washington, take advantage of the Cuba’s economic situation to blame the government, not to mention the damage caused by an imperial policy that closes doors, persecutes and complicates state performance without caring about the suffering of millions of human beings.

Desperation takes them to the extreme of trying to demonize one of the most sacred duties of the Cuban people: the defense of the socialist Homeland through the fulfillment of Active Military Service, while encouraging the desertion of young people and applauding and they ponder disorderly emigration, civil disobedience and the call for violence and the paralysis of the country.

It is those same lackeys, and fifth column ruffians included, who make hypocritical silence in the face of situations of arbitrary deaths and detentions in other nations of the world, thereby demonstrating their false commitment to freedom and justice that they claim to propose for Cuba.

Even though the call among us continues to be to be alert; not to let ourselves be confused, and to maintain unity and revolutionary principles as a powerful shield against slander and threats, it is necessary to remind the alcoholics and late-nighters of Miami and the government that supports them that naivety has no place in Cuba.

We know our mistakes and shortcomings, but we also know how much independence, sovereignty and dignity are worth when it comes to dealing with a monster with rotten bowels, whose seven-league boots have left behind a trail of blood, pain, hatred and destruction. wherever they have traveled in more than two centuries of existence.

Today more than ever, both on social networks and in any physical space, our response will be the same as the one we inherited from Fidel’s example and vision: Homeland or death, we will win!

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