Florida Municipal Assembly calls for Integrated Community Work Workshops (Photos + Post)

Florida, June 1.- The leadership of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Florida calls for Integrated Community Work Workshops in the 11 people’s councils of the territory, with the objective of evaluating the capacities and actions of the neighborhoods to attend and alleviate social problems.

As reported in the official call of the local government body, the time for the development of these events in each demarcation, extends from June 1 to 14, to carry out the Municipal Workshop on the 30th of the month in the community La Vallita.

For the evaluation of the activities in the workshops, the presence of representatives of the sectors of Public Health, Sports, Culture and Education, and of political and mass organizations, members of the Integrated Community Work Advisory Group in the territory, is expected.

Taking last year’s edition as a reference, this community activity constitutes a popular event to socialize good practices and evaluate the experiences of actions in the neighborhood, focused on addressing the social problems and needs of the population.

Likewise, it constitutes a public space in which crafts, culinary creations and other community experiences aimed at encouraging social participation and fostering the best human values in the neighborhoods are exhibited.

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