Activities to commemorate the Victory of Playa Girón continue in Florida

Florida, Apr 28.- «Without the Party, the Revolution could not exist» with this thought of the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz, the members of the Municipal Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in Florida exchanged with general secretaries of nuclei and founders belonging to the Popular Council of Argentina, within the framework of the activities for the foundation of the main political organization of the country and the Jornada de Playa Girón.

The activity was carried out at the Sabino Pupo Polytechnic Agricultural Institute, where several general secretaries of outstanding nuclei within the community were recognized for their actions; The director of the Argentine Agroindustrial Sugar Company and the director of the Sierra Maestra elementary school were also honored for their unconditional support for the tasks carried out in the demarcation.

In that meeting, the heroism of the combatants who in Girón dealt the first great defeat to Yankee imperialism in Latin America was recalled, and special recognition was given to the nine Floridians who, from the militia and Rebel Army units, faced the mercenary invasion.

During the exchange, Yurisán Ramírez Cruz, political coordinator of the Party in the Argentine popular council, recognized the members of constituency 73 for the results obtained in the different electoral processes developed in recent times in the territory.

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