Baraguá protest, the dignity and decorum of Cuban patriots

Florida, Mar 15.- The historic phrase «we do not understand each other» pronounced by Antonio Maceo, in the conference with the Spanish high command on March 15, 1878, in Mangos de Baraguá, summarizes the maturation process manifested in numerous chiefs and soldiers of humble origin, many of them black and mestizo, like the Bronze Titan, determined to continue the fight until its final consequences.

The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, attended Maceo’s glorious gesture in the historic protest, to exalt the patriotism of Cubans at a time when the Homeland has been threatened. The current generations have the honorable duty of being faithful to the immortal example of the Bronze Titan and defenders of the Fidelista postulate that Cuba will be an eternal Baraguá.

The Master of Science, Odalys Matamoros, History Methodologist of the Municipal Directorate of Education, shares her assessment of the transcendental fact, in the following report.

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