Floridian farmers are summoned to superior results in agri-food production

Florida, Mar 15.- It is necessary to untie the knots and bureaucracy that bind food production and defend the Cooperative and Campesino Movement as the main guarantor of this substantial mission, multiply surveillance against crime and illegalities in the sector and strengthen the man-to-man work, farm by farm, in search of superior results for the agri-food task.

This was summarized by representatives of the sector in the municipality of Florida, participants in the zonal meeting with leaders of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), held at the Ernesto Che Guevara credit and services cooperative (CCS), of the Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel popular council (The Tomato).

The highest representatives of the local peasantry analyzed the current results on issues related to compliance with peasant vigilance measures; efficiency of the agricultural contracting process and the sugar harvest; economic situation of the cooperatives; the payment of advances and the progress of the plan of activities in greeting to the 65th anniversary of the Campesino Congress in Arms.

As a result of the debates, it was concluded that it was necessary to complete the roster of auxiliaries of the National Revolutionary Police in the 29 peasant bases of the territory, which, together with the detachments and surveillance brigades, have the mission of achieving greater efficiency in the battle against crimes against livestock.

Regarding the sugar harvest, the Floridian peasants denounced the significant delay in the delivery of cane to the mills and the loss of thousands of tons of this raw material in the fields, caused by unscheduled fires and difficulties in harvesting them, a reality that affects the economic situation of various collectives and individual producers in the peasant environment.

In the zonal meeting with the national directors of the ANAP, the Floridian agrarians also defended the urgency of responding to the repeated demand of the rice growers regarding the supply of contracted water to save the cereal plantations, as well as the need to add to the more than 60 associates who are still waiting to finalize their dairy agreements.

Yailé Castellanos Manso, an official of the ANAP National Committee, called for serious implementation of the guidelines of that body for agricultural contracting and other tasks, while Regla Frómeta Rivera, president of the organization in the province of Camagüey, highlighted the unity and commitment as essential strengths for success in daily tasks.

At the close of the substantial meeting, the participants, on behalf of the more than three thousand members of the National Association of Small Farmers of the municipality of Florida, ratified the will to continue accompanying the main economic and political processes of the Revolution, including the next elections of the March 26, in which, they assured, the peasant vote will be massive, with quality and for all the candidates proposed to integrate the Cuban parliament.

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