Congratulations were sent to sugar workers on their day

Envían felicitación a los trabajadores azucareros en su día

Florida, Oct 13.- The members of the municipal directorate of the Central workers of Cuba in Florida send congratulations to all the men and women who work in the entities linked to the sugar agribusiness that celebrate their day today, October 13 and called on them to redouble efforts to save this fundamental sector in the country’s economy.

In greeting to the date, the agro-sugar workers of the Argentine and Ignacio Agramonte Agroindustrial Companies carried out voluntary cleaning and beautification work, as well as planting cane in the Martyrs of Granada Basic Unit of Cooperative Production.

To celebrate the Day of the Sugar Worker, special morning meetings will also be held in the aforementioned entities, where outstanding workers will be recognized for the fulfillment of their tasks, and for the financial indicators and the delivery of the contribution to the Homeland.

The congratulatory message sent by the highest union leadership in Florida to the workers, technicians and managers of the sugar sector in its day, includes the call to seek the best alternatives to promote the production of sugar and its derivatives and to reaffirm the sense of belonging in each collective.

Cuba celebrates Sugar Workers’ Day every October 13, because on a date similar to that of 1960, through Law 890 of the Revolutionary Government, 382 large Cuban and foreign companies were nationalized, including 195 sugar mills and 18 distilleries.

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