Authorities in Florida call to multiply preventive actions against crime

Florida, Oct 1.- Multiply crime prevention actions in neighborhoods and communities of the municipality of Florida and face this scourge with greater resolution, unity of factors and support of the people themselves, was the call made here by the Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior together with the authorities of the Communist Party and the local government.

The call was reiterated by Lieutenant Colonel Abel Rodríguez Rodríguez, head of Criminal Investigation in Camagüey, after analyzing the report on the behavior of criminal activity in the past week, during which the trend of increasing acts against livestock continued. , the theft of sugar at the Central Ignacio Agramonte refinery and the theft of property from private homes.

Even when the highest administrative and political officials of the only active sugar factory in Florida spoke of strong internal measures to counteract the bleeding in their warehouses, the data still indicates a high level of impunity in the theft of the finished product.

Faced with such a reality, it was demanded that control be intensified by the heads and workers of the entity with the support of the surrounding population, based on the confrontation and the timely complaint, together with the preventive, but more forceful, action of the police forces, the Prosecution and justice in these cases.

Rita Viltres Ríos, the main leader of the Federation of Cuban Women in the territory, insisted on the importance of drawing the attention of parents and families of adolescents and young people involved in activities contrary to the law, and pointed out that this phenomenon must be present in the agenda of the community work groups and in the priorities of the rest of the mass, political and government organizations that act in the neighborhoods.

The weekly meeting to confront crime and illegalities in the municipality of Florida also discussed the causes and conditions that favor the permanence of theft and slaughter of large livestock, based on the reiteration of such misdeeds, this time, on farms of the Máximo Gómez production unit and in the Credit and Services Cooperatives Manuel Fajardo, Octavio Aragón and Alberto Becerra.

Citizen tranquility, respect for the rights of others, the stability of the economy and the health of the Cuban social system also depend on how much effort the people and their institutions dedicate to the common purpose of confronting and reducing activities that offend public morals. and the rule of law.

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