Florida calls for increased food production and sensible marketing strategy

Florida, Sep 10.- The municipality of Florida and its people demand to increase the production of agricultural food by all possible means, with the purpose of guaranteeing territorial self-sufficiency, satisfying the demand of the family table and definitively counteracting the madness of the current prices in the supply of these items.

Even though the numbers indicate that there is still a long way to go in the local agri-food program, in the midst of real limitations of fuel, fertilizers, parts and spare parts for machinery and other shortages, it is also true that there are thousands of inhabitants of the municipality dedicated to for the land legally or on their own, in search of family self-sufficiency, together with favorable results in some state entities and the peasant sector.

Undoubtedly, this movement generates large productions that are not quantified, but not insignificant, which generally almost never reach the public squares and markets, since they are guaranteed private purchase, even in the furrow itself, to take them to the territory of the monopoly of supply and demand, through which an avocado purchased at five or 10 pesos is later priced at 50 or 60, just by passing from one hand to another.

We could cite many other examples to show that, along with the daily requirement to raise the planting and harvesting of tubers, grains and vegetables, a sensible marketing strategy must also be advanced, supervised and governed by the prerogatives of the Municipal Contracting Committee, with greater management and role of cooperatives and their representatives, in defense of consumer rights and in support of state requests in this regard.

The arbitrariness and lack of control in the imposition of prices in the sale of agricultural food generates discomfort and limits the people’s access to its consumption, while it can be seen in some private sector sites how bananas and other items deteriorate without such reality is immediately reflected in the drop in its value on stage.

I reiterate: a greater contribution is needed from the fields, but it is necessary to ensure that all the food that reaches the family plate does so under the umbrella of mathematical logic and commercial objectivity, to prevent a small group from enriching itself with the sale of a sweet potato, while most of the town bleeds the family pockets to include it in their daily menu.

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