Jose Marti Park; Rock Under the Stars, invitation from Floridian artists

Florida, Aug 12.- The workers of the culture sector in the municipality of Florida, assume with responsibility and determination the new assigned task, of providing recreation and healthy distraction to young people and the people, with a pleasant recreational proposal every night to starting at nine o’clock, in the city’s José Martí park, called “Under the stars”.

Among the planned options are good music, participation games and dance, by the cultural promoter José Antonio Reyes, known as El Negrón, and with the audiovisual project Feel the Latin Rhythm, as well as the presentation of amateurs and young creators of the Hermanos Saíz Association.

The Rock Under the Stars was designed for night hours, with the aim of giving a little youthful joy to all those who decide to attend the José Martí park, and it constitutes encouragement for young people, and other age groups, in the midst of the difficult energy contingency who has lived in the country for a few months already.

Similarly, the culture sector in Florida maintains cultural proposals in the neighborhoods and communities of the city, with the presentation of the Opening Brecha project, whose members, helped by the neighbors with lamps, flashlights and everything that offers a bit of light, celebrate birthdays, sing, dance and give joy to the participants.

During the daytime, the institutions of the sector remain open to the public, creative workshops are held for children, and artists visit entities and activities characterized as the José Martí Mirror Park Project of Our Identity and My Neighborhood are maintained. , among many others, carried out by cultural promoters in the communities.

Once again, the creators of culture in Florida stand as the shield and sword of a nation that for months has been facing a difficult energy situation and that mourns, along with Matanzas, the loss of human lives and important resources, which further aggravate the circumstances.

Then come recognition and admiration to all those who make culture here and strive to provide, in the midst of deficit and pain, a little joy and love.

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