Florida’s educational institutions recognized by My School Educates Movement (+Post)

Reconocidas instituciones educativas de Florida por el Movimiento Mi escuela educa

Florida, July 1st – Another 13 educational institutions of the municipality of Florida were recognized in the act by the My School Educates Movement, held in the Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel elementary school, belonging to the Popular Council of the same name, presided over by lleana Pérez Sosa, director of the Support and Assurance Unit for Education in Camagüey, and Yunior Vega Rivero, general director of that sector in the territory.

The primary schools Tania la Guerrillera, José Martí, Manuel Fajardo, Rolando Valdivia Leonor Pérez, Rubén Batista, Zona 1 and Abel Santamaría; together with the secondary schools Julio Antonio Mella and Antonio Maceo; the Rolando Valdivia pre-university institute and the Heriberto Martín Guzmán co-educational center are the institutions that received the My School Educates Condition, a category that endorses the performance of an entire movement that involves families, community groups, workers and educators in an effort to improve the image and leave them ready for the next school year.

Attendance and punctuality of workers and students, the correct use of uniforms, the restoration of classrooms and premises, the repair of school furniture, as well as the care and beautification of outdoor areas are some of the requirements that each educational institution must meet in order to obtain the My School Educates Status.

During this school year, 27 educational institutions have received the My School Educates Status, and it is expected that before the end of the current school year, other schools will receive the recognition granted by the General Directorate of Education in Florida.

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