Floridian political leadership analyzed food production and the fight against crime (+Post)

Analizó dirección política floridana la producción de alimentos y enfrentamiento al delito

Florida, June 13 – The Plenary Session of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba met in Florida to analyze issues related to food production and the battle against crime, corruption, illegalities and social indiscipline.

From the reading of the document issued by the Central Committee, where generalities of the country on food production and the implementation of Food and Nutritional Sovereignty and Security Law are reflected, the members of this instance of the Communist Party in Florida critically evaluated the progress of both tasks in the territory.

In view of the insufficient work and the lack of results in most of the agricultural and sugar sector programs, the intendant of Florida, Ormandys Rodríguez Sánchez, pointed out the lack of control over the plantations and harvests, the weaknesses in the demands and the deficient role of the Directives in the cooperative and peasant spheres.

The chief executive of the local government also highlighted the importance of strengthening the missions assigned to the Delegation of Agriculture, as well as the more forceful action of the Commission of Agrarian Affairs in the confrontation of the violations of the legislation and the negative conducts of the producers in the contracting, collection and commercialization of food for the people.

The first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Party, Liliana Boudet Nápoles, expressed that «It is not possible to continue living here with the problems of agriculture», and demanded, before the plenary, a firm action of the structures involved in the solution of each one of them, from the Administration Council to the productive base.

Summarizing the issue, Yuneisys Ramos Vázquez, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Party in Camagüey, present at the plenary session in Florida, called to multiply the daily control in order to increase the planting of various crops, organize production, control the sale of agricultural items and reduce prices to levels closer to the pocket of the working people.

Afterwards, the highest body of the party leadership in the demarcation pronounced, with same strength, in the analysis of the fulfillment of the Plan of political, communicational and governmental actions aimed at confronting crime, corruption, illegalities and social indisciplines in any field.

Even though the last week brought here a partial decrease in the occurrence of criminal acts, among the fundamental causes of their growth in Florida stand out the administrative failures, the lack of integration and effectiveness in the work of prevention and attention in the communities, the gaps in the revolutionary vigilance and the scarce popular control.

In this context, the Plenary of the Municipal Committee of the Party called for the unity of the Floridian people, the timely denunciation, the institutional battle and the open rejection as infallible strategies against those who seek to live off the collective effort and with their backs turned to the claim of contributing together to the socioeconomic development and citizen peace in this portion of the agramontina land

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