In Florida, art instructors and cultural promoters exchange experiences (+ Post)

Florida, Mar. 28 – The workshop for the exchange of experiences of the José Martí Brigade of Art Instructors and cultural promoters was held at the Pedro Loforte Sablón Trova House, an event that reaffirms itself as a space to socialize the results of the daily performance of professionals whose field of action is the community and the artistic and educational institutions of the territory.

The meeting, which was attended by Ariam Garcia Rodriguez, deputy general director of Education in Florida, fulfilled the purpose of showing the best experiences and became a platform for dialogue on the skills acquired during the performance of their training work.

The brigadistas referred to the challenges to be faced in the Third Improvement of Cuban Education and the importance of a coherent application of the cultural policy in the current context.

The integrative teaching task to contribute to socio-educational inclusion through artistic education, music and its transforming vision in children with learning delays and behavioral disorders were experiences presented at the event, all of them with different views on the actions of instructors and promoters from a community, school or cultural institution during their work.

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