Cuban Press Day activities continue in Florida

Florida, Mar. 21 – As part of the activities planned to celebrate the Cuban Press Day, the journalists of Florida held a meeting with the highest authorities of the Communist Party and the Government in the municipality, where they were informed of the progress, challenges and difficulties faced by the political, economic and social life of the territory.

Food production, agriculture, livestock and services available to the people were topics discussed at the meeting, where the energy situation of the country and other topics of local relevance were also discussed.

The informative presence in the social networks, as well as the guarantee of timely information to the population were among the topics discussed at the meeting where artists and workers of the local radio station and the correspondent of Camagüey television in this demarcation were also present.

During the exchange that took place to commemorate the 132nd anniversary of the publication of the newspaper Patria by the Apostle of Cuban independence, José Martí, the journalists of the territory ratified the will to accompany the leadership of the Party and the local government and the actions aimed at promoting the socio-economic development of Florida.

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