Floridian farmer, aims to promote egg production project.

Florida, Mar. 18 – Farmer Israel Mederos Chaviano, of the Saturnino Aneiro Abella Credit and Service Cooperative (CCS), in the municipality of Florida, will seek the support of the Government in the territory with the objective of promoting the raising of laying hens through a Local Development Project.

Mederos currently has more than 150 laying hens in its yard, which support a daily delivery of more than 150 eggs on average, based on a stable supply of food with high nutritional value.

However, the main aspiration of this user is to take this production to a larger scale on the farm under his control, and for this purpose he has cages, a rearing shed in the process of assembly, seven hectares of land and other minimum resources that could support the first steps of the project.

The support of the Floridian government and other institutions such as the peasant organization, the Cuban Association of Agricultural Technicians and the Municipal University Center, among others, could be key to promote this significant local development initiative.

According to poultry farmer Mederos Chaviano, if the governmental aid is received, his first goal is to reach 1,000 laying hens, together with the commitment to link up with schools, hospitals and other social care centers as the main destination of the egg collection.

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