The Class Festival held at the Florida School of Trades

Florida, Nov 13.- Demonstrating teachers’ abilities to achieve more attractive and higher quality instruction was, among others, the central objective of the Class Festival that took place at the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Trades School, in the municipality of Florida, with teachers from this educational institution of Technical-Professional Education.

A developmental class with the correct definition of the objective, the improvement methods, attention to the individual differences of the students, the observation of the didactic anointings and the mastery of the content were aspects to evaluate in the teachers’ presentation.

At the Class Festival held at the Florida School of Trades, each teacher had the opportunity to apply the potential of technologies and the use of the educational package, combined with traditional means that make the teaching-learning process more attractive.

The court, chaired by the Master in Educational Sciences Belkis Romero Pérez, director of the school, determined to award the first places to teachers Yusleidi Companioni González, Dalia Lazarte Dechapel, Yadira Mariño Basulto and Jorge Luis Rodríguez Alzugaray.

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