Literary meeting for the anniversary of the birth of José María Heredia in Florida

En Florida encuentro literario por aniversario del natalicio de José María Heredia

Florida, Oct. 18.- Regarding the Cuban Culture Day that is celebrated throughout the country until October 20, the School Library System organized a literary meeting dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the birth of the poet, journalist, playwright and lawyer José María Heredia, a prominent figure in national literature, to whom this celebration is especially dedicated.

The literary day will take place at the municipal Documentation and Pedagogical Information Center (CDIP) on Friday the 20th and aims to draw attention to Heredia, one of the most important poets of the Spanish language, considered by many specialists as the initiator of romanticism in Latin America, author of a vast work in which the Ode to Niagara and the Hymn of Exile stand out.

Book presentations, dance and theater clubs, graffiti on the asphalt and artistic festivals with the participation of student talent and the presence of art teachers, are among the proposals that have been taking place since last October 10 in the territory’s educational institutions. . In greeting to Cuban Culture Day, some of these actions are closely linked to neighborhoods and communities in transformation.

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