Public Health System in Florida; a conquest that continues to defy challenges

Florida, Jul 22.- After 70 years after the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks, in Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo, the Public Health system of the municipality of Florida continues to defy challenges and pays homage to the conviction of Fidel Castro when he announced, at that time, that this would be one of the most prioritized conquests of the Cuban people after the triumph of the Revolution.

More than 80 work units and teams, including the 69 Family Doctor and Nurse Offices, with a staff of more than 2,500 professionals and support personnel, here support epidemiological protection, defense of life, and the physical and mental well-being of the Florida population.

During his defense statement in the trial for the Moncada events, the leader of the Centennial Generation denounced the official abandonment of the guarantees of medical care for one hundred percent of Cubans, and before the judges who sentenced him, he exposed the way in which that reality would be transformed after wresting from the Homeland the double yoke of the Batista dictatorship and the imperialist domination of the United States.

Just months after the triumphant Revolution seized power, the Cuban people, on their way to conquering full dignity and justice, began the path that led them to exhibit health results comparable to those of the most developed countries on the planet, including the manufacture of medicines and vaccines of high international prestige.

Thanks to the epic of July 26, the courage and commitment of its protagonists and Fidel’s iron will to never give up, the municipality of Florida also saved thousands of children from death in a country where before the infant mortality rate, in the first year of life, exceeded 60 per thousand live births.

Thanks to the implementation of the Moncada program, today we have a maternal and child care network where prenatal genetic institutions and services stand out, the Amparo Carriera maternity palace, the gynecology and obstetrics service of the general hospital and dozens of beds in the Leopoldo Rey Sampayo Pediatric Hospital.

Thanks to the respect, loyalty and eternal recognition of the heroes and martyrs of the Day of National Rebellion, today we have a Homeland, and with it, a health system that, still hit by the perfidy and hatred of a criminal blockade, continues to work as José Martí dreamed of, «with everyone and for the good of all».

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