It is urgent to take extreme measures in Florida to save electricity

Florida, Jul 1.- The current energy contingency that the country is experiencing demands extreme saving measures on the use of electricity in the municipality of Florida, where there are still wastes to be eliminated in family homes and in institutions and public spaces under state control.

During this very complex stage for national energy generation in the municipal capital city, more demands and actions are also demanded from the state authorities to prevent public lighting lamps from remaining on during the daytime in parks and neighborhoods.

The vast majority of the luminaires in the local public lighting system have already deteriorated the solar device that previously guaranteed the process of turning the lamps on and off automatically, which requires the responsible entities to redouble control to avoid energy waste in parks and other spaces city dwellers where there are bulbs under their administrative jurisdiction.

In the same way, it is urgently necessary to revitalize community cooperation relations to guarantee on each block, where there is a public lighting lamp, an activist or responsible citizen who daily supports turning the lamp on and off, a process that must be systematically controlled so that it runs efficiently and contributes to energy savings for the benefit of all.

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