Control of Argentine sugar company in Florida concludes with favorable results

Florida, June 30.- The Provincial Comptroller of Camagüey, through its representatives in the section of the municipality of Florida, recognized the management group and the workers of the Argentine Agroindustrial Sugar Company, for the positive result obtained in the control action developed in that entity.

Even when they are going through serious economic, financial and productive difficulties, and maintain the condition of a paralyzed industry in search of alternatives to obtain income and get out of the stagnation in their social mission, the reviewing entity assured that the organizational structure of the company defends a System of Effective Internal Control, capable of limiting risks and facing potential threats.

During the conclusions of the review action carried out by the Provincial Comptroller’s Office at the Argentine Sugar Agroindustrial Company of Florida, the auditors finally determined that the structures of the system comply with most of the objectives proposed to be checked by that specialized body of Cuban state control. .

The indicators examined by the representatives of the Comptroller’s Office included the use of administrative and technological fuel, the operation of the Contracting Committee, financial activities and internal control, and progress in the implementation of measures to save the sector, unlock production agriculture and strengthening the Socialist State Enterprise, among others.

According to the opinion of the Comptroller, the fundamental causes of the productive deterioration and the lack of economic solvency of the Florida sugar company are related to the intense drought, non-compliance with the harvest, the deficit of fuels and other inputs and resources necessary for the processes production, the instability of managers in the sugarcane units and the lethargy in the completion of investments.

The summary of the control action with a favorable result carried out in the Argentine Company was attended by the political, administrative and union actors of the entity, the heads of the production units and services linked to it, accompanied by representatives of the highest leadership of the Communist Party , the Government and the labor movement of the municipality.

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