Florida educators receive the Distinction for Cuban Education (+Post)

Educadores floridanos reciben la Distinción por la Educación Cubana

Florida, June 23.- Two Floridian educators received the Distinction for Cuban Education, an award granted by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba for the merits sustained in the pedagogical work and the notable contribution to the educational development of the country.

Yanet Aguilar Quintana, director of the Julio Antonio Mella junior high school, and Oscar Ricardo Formantín, the highest authority of the school in the Rigoberto Corcho field, were honored at a ceremony that took place at the closing of the Municipal Seminar for Preparation for the 2023-2023 school year. 2024 that met at the José Martí elementary school.

Belkis Álvarez Teja, deputy director of Education in Florida, placed on the chest of those awarded the high distinction that guarantees the quality of the work carried out by these educators for more than 20 years in the training of the new generations.

The Department of Cadres of the general direction of that sector in Florida organizes an upcoming ceremony of delivery of the Distinction for Cuban Education to valuable educators of the territory at the end of the school year ceremony.

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