Living without smoking, this is life campaign inspired Floridian students

Campaña Vivir sin fumar, esto sí es vida inspiró a educandos floridanos

Florida, May 30.- Three students from the Manuel Fajardo Rivero elementary school, in the municipality of Florida, were winners of the drawing contest in the Living without smoking, this is life campaign that takes place in the territory until May 31, initiative sponsored by the Pan American Health Organization and the Ministry of Public Health.

Diosdel de Jesús Pérez Tamayo, Evanyelín Sarmiento Leal and Evelyn Torres Fernández, achieved the first places in this contest on the bad habit of smoking and the risks associated with tobacco addiction at the grassroots level; Other students who also participated in the contest will receive prizes at their respective schools.

Preventing tobacco use in children and adolescents in Florida is the purpose that unites professionals from Public Health and Education in the territory in the campaign Living without smoking, this is life.

According to the Health Promotion specialists in Florida, one of the novelties of this crusade is that, in addition to warning about the unfavorable consequences of smoking, they work to ensure that students become spokespersons for smoking prevention and help to avoid smoking. addiction in people close to them.

Motivating families, educators and establishing alliances with the mass media to articulate actions for the quality of life of the youngest and against this health problem, is another of the priorities of the campaign in the educational sector of Florida .

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