Florida educational institutions participate in National Fire Protection Week

Florida, May 18.- With the holding of special morning sessions, educational institutions in Florida began a program of activities in the National Fire Protection Week, which has been celebrated in Cuba since 1966 and contributes greatly to the education of our people in the tasks of preventing these and other catastrophes.

The 57th edition, which runs until May 21, is a propitious moment to renew and strengthen established security actions and mechanisms and encourage the necessary culture on how to minimize the occurrence of accidents that claim human lives and cause loss of personal property. and the national economy.

Among the main actions that are being carried out these days in the educational sector, the updating of the Fire Fighting Plans of the municipal Education Department and schools, the review of the analysis of identification and risk assessment and the training of the brigades stand out. created to deal with these scourges at all educational levels.

Systematizing the informative work through conferences, audiovisual products, virtual platforms and murals, are other of the actions planned for these days in which the pioneers will participate in contests and exhibitions of plastic arts, talks with local firefighters, information panels, and the presentation of circles of interest.

All the actions organized in the educational institutions have the purpose of gaining greater awareness of turning into a daily habit the observance that the regulations and recommendations of the Fire Department deserve in order to avoid a fire.

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