Florida Sports Industry implements productive chain with various entities

Industria Deportiva de Florida implementa encadenamiento productivo con varias entidades

Florida, May 16.- In the workshops of the Sports Industry of the municipality of Florida, for years they have not worked at maximum capacity, since the low availability of raw materials prevents their group from deploying all their knowledge and skills for the manufacture of uniforms and implements, necessary for the Cuban athletic family.

Administration report, from the now called Batos Florida Base Business Unit (UEB), reveals that at the end of April of the current year, only 65 percent of the sporting goods plan scheduled for this date could be produced, a breach marked, fundamentally, by the lack of fabrics, leather and wood for textiles and the production of gloves, mascots, balls and baseball bats.

As a consequence, the Florida Sports Industry group was only able to reach 66 percent of its sales plan at the stage, and for this non-compliance it stopped collecting an estimate of more than one million pesos, a costly loss in times that demand financial capacity. to face the high prices of inputs and raw materials to sustain productions.

In the midst of such a complex situation, the group of the Batos Florida Business Unit does not give up and seeks alternatives, as stated by its new director, Mr. Arnel Domínguez Basulto, who explains that during this stage contracts with the Military and Beekeeping companies of the province of Camagüey, and bags for rifle magazines, gloves, rugs and wooden boxes for beehives were produced.

The young manager reports that the authorization from the Ministry of Economy and Planning is currently awaiting to convert UEB Batos Florida into a Subsidiary Company, with the aim of decentralizing business functions and gaining autonomy.

This purpose will facilitate the increase in the payroll of workers, investments, and banking and financial operations of the Industry, given the need to revive and increase its productions, for the benefit of the economy and the athletic movement in the municipality and the country.

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