Florida Municipal Library hosted Language Day celebration (+Post)

Biblioteca municipal de Florida acogió celebración del Día del Idioma

Florida, April 22.- The Rubén Martínez Villena Public Library welcomed several guests at its headquarters to celebrate Language Day, an ephemeris instituted by mandate of the United Nations Organization for April 23, in homage to the great Spanish writer Miguel Cervantes and Saavedra, whose book El Ingenioso Don Quixote de la Mancha is considered the masterpiece of literature in the Spanish language and one of the most translated.

In the literary jubilee, the masters Eduy Peña and Clara Serrano, the poet Rubén Failde Breña, the researcher María Antonia Fonte Alzugaray, the professor Mayelín López Campbell and Deinor Marqueti participated as speakers, who presented topics related to the date.

The moment was propitious to also highlight International Book Day, historically considered as the main element of concentration and dissemination of human knowledge and the most effective means to preserve it.

Those attending the activity that this cultural institution organizes every year on the occasion of the date, agreed in their interventions on the need to promote the correct use of the language, and also affirmed that more than four centuries after its publication, Don Quixote continues to move the utopia of a man who, with his attempt, hopes to teach honor, change the world and create a new one of justice and love.

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