Award-winning Floridian artists at the Provincial Music Festival (+Photos)

Florida, Apr 18.- The theater musician company Pequeños Son from the municipality of Florida won the Grand Prize in the event of values Cuba, how beautiful is Cuba in the most recent edition of the Provincial Festival of Music, where children, girls and adolescents led by art instructors Mabis Casals Pereira and Arturo Nazco Labrada demonstrated their talent.

The Floridian soloists Lauren Viton Saday, Ledianis Sánchez Godoy, the Luis Casas Romero Vocal group and Rumbalaroye, a folkloric group directed by maestro Frank Hernández Ramos, also received prizes at the Provincial Music Festival.

Dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the creation of the System of Houses of Culture, to ten years of Rumbalaroye’s artistic work and to the work carried out by art instructors through the cultural programs that take place in the province, this provincial event was held in Camagüey from April 12 to 14.

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