Elisairis Pérez Borrero, direct delegate for Florida to the second National Assembly

Elisairis Pérez Borrero, delegada directa por Florida a la segunda Asamblea Nacional

Florida, Mar 17.- For her unquestionable merits as a student and outstanding participation in all activities, Elisairis Pérez Borrero, president of the Federation of High School Students (FEEM) at Florida trade School, was unanimously elected , direct delegate to the second National Assembly of the FEEM.

Elisairi was elected during the assembly of the students of the Manuel Rivero Gómez de Avellaneda Polytechnic Institute of Economics (IPE) and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela School of Trades, in Florida, a meeting where the members of the student organization looked at each other critically and with a vision of the future, to improve its social work in each center.

The joy, optimism and usual dynamics of the boys, qualified the debates to learn about and round up the problems with their possible solutions and, at the same time, carry out a fruitful exchange in search of initiatives that cement the FEEM.

The individual study, the knowledge of the country’s history, the voluntary incorporation of women into active military service, the correct use of the uniform, communication and social networks, focused the debates, also allowing the delegates to think about the country, the school and organization they want.

The final words of the meeting were in charge of Aramís Hernández Reina, member of the municipal leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba in Florida, who urged the young people to study and constantly improve, for the better functioning of the student organization in all orders and extended congratulations to those present for the good development of the assembly.

The partisan leader emphasized the importance of a united vote on March 26 and highlighted those who are starting student life in these schools who will exercise, for the first time, their right as voters in these elections.

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