Young people and women make up the list of candidates for Deputy

Florida, Mar 2.- On March 26, the Cuban people are summoned to go to the polls to cast their vote for 470 candidates for Deputies, who will make up the 10th Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power.
If this candidacy is approved, the deputies have the duty to carry out their work in favor of the interests of the people, maintain ties with their constituents, represent society and be faithful watchdogs of the application of State policies.
Article 115 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba states that the status of Deputy does not provide economic benefits, therefore, while this mandate lasts, the members of the highest body of the Cuban Government receive the remuneration corresponding to the job position they hold, and can be revoked at any time as established in the Law.
The majority presence of women in the list of candidates to integrate the 10th legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power, will allow maintaining the milestone reached in 2018, since the Cuban Parliament will remain the second Parliament with the largest number of women in the world and For Florida, the young veterinary doctor, Ainelis Herrera Molina, is one of them.
Roberto Alejandro Carrazana Carballo, is the other candidate for Deputy for this municipality, elected by the plenary session of the student organization of the University of Medical Sciences of Camagüey, stands out as the only young medical student in our country who could occupy a place in the Parliament, which shows how much trust is placed in young people to sustain the future of the nation and that our better Cuba is possible.

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