Florida Raw Materials is among the exporting entities

Florida, Feb 23.- The Base Business Unit (UEB) Recovery of Raw Materials, of the municipality of Florida, was among the exporting entities that during the past year 2022 joined this government effort with the commercialization in the foreign market of four important lines recovered in the territory, through the different acquisition channels related to recycling.

As reported by directors of the raw materials recovery entity in the territory, during the past calendar 31 tons of aluminum scrap were exported; 3.1 waste bronze; 0.2 for stainless steel and 9.9 for copper, the latter figure exceeding what was initially agreed.

To achieve these results, the work to recover recyclable materials carried out by the members of the José Martí Pioneers Organization was beneficial, who were recognized last year in the province for contributing more than 10 tons of reusable waste, through a strategy traced in all pioneer groups.

When reporting the information, they added that this first experience was significant for the group of the entity, which projects for this year to add new exportable rubles, based on the increase in prices in the buying houses of the territory, as a stimulus for the population visit them more often.

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