Florida in the assembly process prior to the IV AHS Congress (+Post)

Florida, Feb 22.- The members of the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) in the municipality developed their balance assembly, prior to the IV congress of the organization, where aspects related to the internal functioning of the cell and the Casa del Young Creator, in addition to the incorporation of new members.During the meeting held at the Negro Bembón Literary Cultural Center, Rafael González Muñoz, national president of the AHS, assured that the Florida cell is a benchmark in the country, and expressed satisfaction with the work carried out in the territory with the Sociocultural Project Opening Gaps in defense of the artistic vanguard.The associates referred to the need to allocate budgets for the creation of audiovisual products for social networks and oralities aimed at promoting new spaces, as well as the acquisition of a set-up dedicated to photographic exhibitions, issues pending resolution from previous meetings. .In this balance assembly, Jildo Borrel Cáceres was ratified as coordinator of the cell and several associates were proposed for the new provincial and national presidency, in addition to the candidates for delegates to the IV Congress of the organization, to be held in October of this year. with the slogan Join the challenge.With the accompaniment of Liliana Boudet, first secretary of the Communist Party in the municipality, Evelyn Márquez, president of the local government, Tamira González, provincial director of Culture and her counterpart in Florida, Bety Marrero, the artistic vanguard in the territory developed the assembly of basis prior to the IV Congress of the AHS.

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