Preparations for the general elections on March 26 is checked in Florida (+ Photos)

Florida, Feb 22.- Alexis Ramos Nodal, member of the National Electoral Commission (CEN) exchange with members of that entity in Florida, prior to the upcoming general elections on March 26.The meeting began with the intervention of Niurka Álvarez Valdivia, president of the Municipal Electoral Commission, who offered details of the material assurances for the elections and the preparation of those selected to integrate the constituency colleges.Subsequently, the members of the information processing auxiliary group explained the characteristics of their work and how they prepare to do it in the best way, to guarantee the veracity of the data they issue.Ramos Nodal addressed fundamental aspects to take into account during the general election process on March 26, based on the meaning of these votes in which the deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power are elected for a term of five years.He also suggested the constant self-preparation of all those involved in the task, maintaining ethics and professionalism, guaranteeing attention to the pioneers responsible for guarding the ballot boxes, and systematically informing the people about the characteristics of this process.Alexis Ramos Nodal, member of the National Electoral Council, was accompanied on his visit to Florida by provincial authorities of that entity in Camagüey, together with partisan and government leaders in the municipality.

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