Florida needs severity and discipline to avoid traffic accidents

Florida necesita rigor y disciplinas para evitar accidentes del tránsito

Florida, Feb 4.- In the streets of the municipality of Florida, a greater perception of risk is needed on the part of the people and more control actions by the public order authorities, to avoid traffic accidents and their consequences for people’s lives and the economy.

For years in the main arteries of this town and in the section of the central highway that crosses the municipality, there have been very few police controls and state inspection measures against the number of undue overtaking, traffic in the opposite direction and excesses of speed that occur daily.

On the subject, specialists in Traffic Education in the territory insist, who express their dissatisfaction with the insufficient demand and control of compliance with laws and regulations for circulation on the main Florida roads, where motorcyclists and drivers of all types of means of transport they violate daily what they have learned in traffic and traffic classes.

Much greater responsibility is also demanded here in the family sphere to reduce the number of adolescents driving cycles, motorbikes and even motor vehicles without a license and without the corresponding security and protection means, violations that increase the risks of accidents, accidents that take the lives of human beings and cause damage to the economy.

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