The most outstanding workers of the provincial company of Grains are recognized(+ Photos)

floridano Gustavo Roque Rubio, que labora la Unidad Empresarial de Base (UEB) de Producciones Agropecuarias Otero en este municipio, obtuvo la condición de trabajador joven más destacado del año 2022 en la Empresa Provincial de Granos Ruta Invasora.

Florida, Jan 31.- Gustavo Roque Rubio, who works at the Base Business Unit (UEB) of Otero Agricultural Productions in this municipality, obtained the status of most outstanding young worker of the year 2022 at the Ruta Invasora Provincial Grain Company.

Roque Rubio works as a veterinarian in Otero entity, where, among his many occupations providing health care to pig and poultry farms, he defends the introduction of an innovative feeding formula for pigs called Symbiotic Diet, with the advice of the Doctor in Sciences Amilkar Arenal, researcher and professor at the Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz University.

The diploma as the most outstanding among the youngest workers of the Ruta Invasora Provincial Grain Company was conferred on him during a summary act held at the La Década agricultural unit, in this Florida municipality, where Reinerio Peña Martínez, from Esmeralda, as the most outstanding manager of the year in that productive conglomerate.

The applause of the meeting was also for the veteran Modesto Pérez Sarduy, winner of the Diploma for the Work of Life, as a tribute to the more than 50 years of work in that company, with an exemplary trajectory of dedication, discipline, spontaneous pedagogy and sense of belonging.

Together with the awards for the best of the year, the board of directors of the Ruta Invasora Grain Company announced that for the current period it has as goals the production and marketing of some 300 tons of pork, 55 thousand of rice, eight thousand of charcoal and more than a million liters of milk.

To achieve this, Michel Ballate Camejo, its general director, highlighted the importance of discipline and confidence in the possibilities of the Socialist State Enterprise, called for multiplying the number of workers directly linked to production, and commented on the effort that carried out to improve technologies and establish joint ventures with foreign capital.

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