Faced with the onslaught of the empire: defend the unity of the committed

Florida, Jan.- The policies of the economic, commercial and financial blockade, and the media war of the United States against the Cuban economy and society remain alive, hurt, affect, soften some consciences and seek, at all costs and at any cost, destroy the historical, human and solidarity work of the Revolution.

Faced with such a claim, the intelligence, the will to work for the future and the patriotism of our people to limit the impact of the Yankee monstrosity must be multiplied: «Plan against plan», as the Apostle José Martí would say, whose birth we celebrate for these days the 170th Anniversary.

It is necessary to fight the blockade right now with realities more than with words, to show the enemy and the children of this land the potential and value of what is ours; «Doing is the best way of saying,» said the Cuban Mayor, and that translates into a constant battle against immobility, triumphalism, and the divorce of collective interests.

Those who expect miraculous solutions or much worse, who naively or maliciously found and propose our economic improvement in the loss of the gains of the Revolution under the rule of the market and the umbrella of the North, are wrong!

Our wine is banana. The empire and our own insufficiencies have made it bitter in the current situation, but it is ours, and it is the task of Cubans to improve and save it, without giving up an iota of sovereignty and independence that so many years of struggle and so much blood cost to conquer. .

This is not this, nor will it ever be any other in the future, the time to lower our heads and lay down our arms at the feet of the «Seven League Giant», it is the time for the ovens, to weld the patriotism that we are questioned; It is the time to sweat, to trust without ceasing to question.

The blockade of the White House against Cuba costs pain, losses, separations and casualties, but the truth is still alive, it makes its way through the weeds… it defends the unity of those committed.

Martí accompanies us when he assures that «it is time to walk, rather than to say: he who walks wins… and we will win, because justice is on our side.»

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