Florida researchers adjust priorities of studies and scientific projects (+ Photos)

Florida, Jan 18.- As part of the activities planned to celebrate Cuban Science Day, in the entity of the municipality of Florida belonging to the National Institute of Sugar Cane Research (INICA), an event was held that allowed adjusting the priorities of study of this group for the current year, and future scientific projects based on agricultural production and local development.

In the meeting, research experiences on effective methods and techniques for the preparation of agricultural soils, the selection of more resistant varieties and the different processes of grass crops were presented, in response to the need to achieve a better use of the areas and to increase sugarcane yields.

With the presence of officials and specialists from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), and from the National Association of Sugar Technicians in the province of Camagüey, the Florida INICA also evaluated the current links of the research centers and the business units of the sugarcane and agricultural sectors, and by the way, the importance of strengthening these relationships, essential to have superior productive results in the territory, was emphasized.

In this event included in the program of activities for the Day of Cuban Science, the work of the professionals of the Unit of the municipality of Florida belonging to the National Institute of Sugar Cane Research, a consecrated group, whose scientific work in 2022 was recognized by the CITMA delegation in the province of Camagüey.

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