Four new technical specialties will be taught at Florida polytechnic Sabino Pupo Milián

Florida, Oct 22.- The possibility of studying the specialties of Operation of railway transport and Repair and maintenance of railway equipment at the Sabino Pupo Milián Agricultural Polytechnic Institute (IPA) in Florida is included among the novelties of the Technical and Professional Education for the next school year.

Students interested in training as a Medium Technician in these specialties had to enroll in a provincial institution and from the next period it will be taught in the locality, a process for which they have the necessary teaching coverage and the support of workers from the municipality’s 60th Anniversary workshop. .

For the 2022-2023 academic year, the IPA will also open the intermediate technical careers in Civil Construction and qualified workers will be trained as Tobacco Rollers, options that aim to guarantee the future workforce in entities of the territory.

As of the next school calendar, Floridian adolescents and young people will be able to enroll in four new specialties at the Sabino Pupo Milián polytechnic in the municipality of Florida, which facilitates new options for continuing studies for ninth-grade graduates.

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