Valdés Mesa calls to promote sugarcane recovery in Florida

Florida, Sep 2.- The member of the Political Bureau and Vice President of the Republic, Salvador Valdés Mesa, began this Thursday a working visit in the province of Camagüey that includes several municipalities to check the actions regarding the sugar harvest and the relative to the agricultural sector.

In the municipality of Florida, Valdés Mesa highlighted that this is one of the four municipalities in Cuba that have two sugar mills, which constitutes a mainstay for economic development, but sugar cane recovery is essential to produce sugar, to defend the goal that both sugar mills participate again in the harvest.

As one of the greatest potentialities of that territory, he highlighted the Sorbitol Derivatives Base Business Unit (UEB), for what it represents in the substitution of imports, the promotion of exports and the productive chains with the national industry.

José Luis Rodríguez, director of that plant, said that to date 340 tons of sorbitol have been obtained, useful in the manufacture of toothpaste, medicines and other lines, and he elaborated on the investment amounting to 20 million pesos that is executed there , at 93 percent progress, which will lead to benefits such as obtaining fructooligosaccharides, with properties in the field of health, in particular due to their influence on the digestive system.

The Cuban Vice President praised the production of medicinal oxygen and the diversification, visible in syrups, liquors, paints and other productions, and urged to achieve more relationships and linkages that have a positive impact on the national economy.

When delving into the situation of the Ignacio Agramonte Sugar Agroindustrial Company, to which this enclave belongs, he distinguished between the urgencies to reduce the economic losses that they present today, based on the recovery of their fundamental activity and the advancement in other fronts linked to the village feeding.

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