We work to materialize the objectives for Social and Human Development

Florida, Aug 29.- Despite the enormous shortcomings and economic limitations of the current situation in the country, the Cuban Revolution does not give up for a single second the effort to advance in each and every one of the objectives of human and social development , approved in the governing documents of the Communist Party and the Government of the nation.

The trust and support of the people in the search for and achievement of that purpose constitutes a serious commitment for the revolutionaries of the country, for its political and governmental vanguard and for the rest of the main institutions and organizations with the supreme task of carrying out, reinforcing and effectively defend the guarantees and aspirations provided for all the residents of this land.

The main battle of these times is focused on protecting, at all costs and whatever price is necessary, a model of social and human development that has shown its worth in the last 63 years, as the mainstay of the fullest justice, the one dreamed of by the founding fathers of the Homeland and for which all generations of Cubans have shed their blood.

But in the midst of this struggle for survival, intelligence, will and intersectoral cooperation must be increased in order to satisfy the ever-increasing needs of the population in neighborhoods and communities where comfortable housing, food guarantees, drinking water services, electricity , sanitation, health and education are essential to maintain confidence in the path we forge together.

Reaching the greatest sum of objectives for Social and Human Development in each place is the goal to achieve full national emancipation, that for which we face colossal battles against materially superior enemies for more than a century, and we have always won when it has been shown the strength of our unity, backed by the indefeatable force of truth and ideas.

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