This Saturday in Florida festival I sing to Martí and Fidel (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 13.- More than 12 works will be in competition at the Children’s Interpretation Festival I sing to Martí and Fidel, which will take place this Saturday, August 13, at the Luis Casas Romero House of Culture in the municipality of Florida, at starting at two in the afternoon.

Convened by the institution itself and the José Martí Cultural Society, the contest will reward the best performances by young artists, who range between six and 15 years of age.

The works are by national and local composers who address issues related to caring for the environment, defending values ​​and paying homage to the two figures to whom it is dedicated.

The jury that will evaluate the works and performances will be made up of the professional musicians José Alberto and Norberto Reyes Luis, the art instructor Leodanys Dupuy and, as guest of honor, the young Ledianys Sánchez Godoy, all of whom are young talents from the local culture, multiple award winners at events municipal, provincial and national.

The Children’s Interpretation Festival I sing to Martí and Fidel is one of the main activities dedicated to commemorating the 96th birthday of the historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution, as reflected in the following report by journalist Ailen Vargas Abella.

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