Local Public Health Directorate Calls to intensify the confrontation with dengue

Florida, Aug 4.- Everyone do their share of duty and together we will be victorious in the current battle we are waging against the Aedes Aegypti mosquito and the threat of Dengue, just as was achieved in the fight against COVID-19, with the unity as a flag along with compliance with epidemiological hygienic measures and individual, family and collective responsibility.

This was claimed in Florida by the Municipal Director of Public Health, Dr. Nelson del Sol Serrallonga, who recognized the efforts of the workers in the sector, including the staff of the anti-vector campaign, who in the middle of the vacation period and also affected by the current electro-energy contingency They work more than 12 hours a day to face and neutralize the danger of Dengue and its transmitting agent.

He also commented on the intensive work of these personnel to eliminate environmental risks that favor the transmission of dengue and called on the Directorates of Aqueduct and Sewerage and the Community Services Unit to intensify their actions, with the purpose of counteracting the danger of vector infestation. .

Among the actions to be taken into account in the protocols arranged to avoid complications of diseases transmitted by Aedes, it is worth visiting the doctor immediately at the first symptoms of fever, vomiting and headaches, abdominal pain and pain in the joints, and complying with the guidelines of public health specialists.

Added to the epidemiological prevention measures in the current summer stage are the systematic performance of the family autofocal, which includes the clearing of patios and lots, the destruction of stagnant water reservoirs, the requirement of a technical quality review during the visit of the operator of the campaign and inside the home, frequently taking the temperature of the members of the nucleus.

The head of the local medical assistance system also warned about the importance of maintaining the elective use of the mask in closed spaces and with a high concentration of people, in the effort to avoid viral diseases and maintain control of COVID-19, it is this stage in which a slight increase in this disease is reported at the national level, compared to previous stages of the current year.

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