Florida Microbiology Laboratory active in the fight against Dengue

Florida, Jul 30.- The group of the Microbiology Laboratory in the municipality of Florida works systematically with the samples collected in the territory, to detect people positive for being infected with Dengue.

Margarita Figueroa Torres, Bachelor of Microbiology and team leader at the Florida laboratory, reported that the health unit also performs complementary tests on patients in the infertility consultation of the Maternal and Child Program, and those in hospitals.

According to the specialist in the laboratory, the quality of underground and surface water is also verified and controlled, as well as the food produced in the units and by local self-employed workers.

Due to the territorial nature of the institution, subordinated to the Municipal Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, the specialists who work in the Microbiology Laboratory of the municipality of Florida process some 2,500 samples each month in a service that is extensive to the inhabitants of the neighboring territories. of Céspedes and Esmeralda.

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