Alberto Becerra Credit and Service Cooperative, vanguard of milk production in Florida

Florida, July 10 – The Alberto Becerra Credit and Service Cooperative (CCS), from the municipality of Florida, remains as the second entity of the territory with the largest volumes of milk collection to the industry in the current stage.

With 32 farmers involved in this year’s milk plan, this entity of the farmer sector defends the delivery of more than 2,000 liters of this product each day.

«We will continue fighting forward against all odds», said Misael Hernández Gutiérrez, president of the cooperative, who highlighted the effort and commitment of the farmers in the productive base that he has been leading for several years.

Located in the Conquista community, in the South of Florida, the Alberto Becerra CCS also outstands in the fulfillment of other food, political and social tasks such as sales in fairs, delivery of products in centers of social consumption and attention to the communities of the place where it is located.

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