Floridian presence at the Seventh Cuban Beekeeping Congress (+Photo)

Florida, July 4 – Four Floridians are part of the Camagüey delegation participating in the Seventh Beekeeping Congress that is being held at the Palacio de Las Convenciones in the Cuban capital, from July 1 to 5, as part of the International Agroforestry Convention Cuba 2024.

The delegation includes Dr. Ana Margarita González Sáez, head of the Florida brigade of the Camagüey Beekeeping Business Unit; Miroslava Pacheco Martínez, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Trade in the local government, and Félix Manuel Rivero Pompa, from the Municipal University Center, together with Rebeca Soler Oliva, farmer and beekeeper.

The Floridian group registered five papers in the Seventh Cuban Congress of Beekeeping, referred to the Obtaining of vinegar and dry wine from the residual waters of wax washing; the Action Plan for Food and Nutritional Sovereignty and Security in Florida; the Impact on the Supply of OFF syrup in the productive performance of Apis Melifera bees, and the Promotion of nuclei and bee brood chambers with the application of Housel’s method.

The research proposal Actions to develop beekeeping through skills of the Agricultural Production discipline of the Municipal University Center of Florida, completes the scientific works accredited by Floridians in the great event.

The International Agroforestry Convention Cuba 2024, which takes place in Havana, not only includes the Seventh Cuban Congress of Beekeeping where four Floridians are present; it also serves as a framework for other meetings of the agricultural sector with the purpose of exchanging experiences and facilitating access to innovative techniques by scientists, entrepreneurs, students and producers from all over the world.

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