Facing abusive and speculative prices: everyone’s task

Florida, 3 Jul.- The confrontation to the abusive and speculative prices in the agricultural commercialization in Florida is a task of all, mainly of those who have in their hands the duty to control the destinies of the productions in the agrarian base or legally support the points where viands, fruits and vegetables are sold in this municipality.

This was expressed by representatives of the Integral Direction of Supervision (DIS) in Florida, in reference to the role of the cooperatives that own most of the establishments where, in general, the prices established by the Agricultural Contracting Committee are violated or discarded.

«It is not enough to impose tickets and warnings to those who raise prices, distort weighing standards, speculate with the value of the products or cheat the customer«, said the spokespersons of the Floridian DIS, and warned about the importance of controlling the actions of the points and other sellers by the legal entities that acquired licenses for the performance of the retail commercial activity.

In the battle against abuse and financial speculation in agricultural commercialization, «everyone should do their part of the duty», and the people will undoubtedly feel a relief in their family pockets.

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