Temporary Working Group of the municipality analyzes the current situation in Florida

Florida, 3 Jul.- Florida government authorities insist on the need to reinforce sanitary inspection at the local level to counteract social indiscipline that deteriorates communal hygiene and undermines the State’s efforts to reduce epidemiological risks during the current contingency.

In the most recent meeting of the working group to face the current situation, it was reiterated that the performance of the state inspection staff in charge of vector prevention and control is insufficient.

In a comprehensive evaluation, with the presence of members of this force, it was emphasized the need to improve its performance and raise the demands in the field so that those who disrespect hygienic norms and threaten environmental health at the community level do not go unpunished.

In this context of governmental analysis, it was reported that during the last week 11 citizens infected with the Dengue virus were confirmed in the territory, among a total of 177 patients studied for presenting febrile symptoms.

And this Saturday came the confirmation that the samples of another five Floridian patients were positive to the Oropouche virus, after studies carried out in the specialized laboratories of the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine, in Havana.

According to health authorities of the municipality, the cases studied reside in the northern area of the municipal capital city, most of them in the popular council Argentina.

In Monday’s meeting of the Government Working Group, the cause of the current interruption of the water supply service to the population was reported, again as a consequence of breakdowns in the bearing systems of two of the pumping motors in the station located in the Caonao Dam.

This situation must be attended by a brigade of the Provincial Aqueduct Company, whose personnel must visit the Pumping Station to diagnose the magnitude of the breakdown and manage the necessary solution to reestablish the water service to the municipalities of Florida and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

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