Florida college students get ready for graduation exercise

Florida, June 11 – Students of the Physical Culture career at the Municipal University Center (CUM) of Florida developed the pre-defense of their respective exercises of culmination of studies, with which they demonstrated the technical, communicative, methodological skills and the capacity of synthesis to elaborate the works.

Of the theses presented, four are Diploma papers and 16 are Professional Exercises, with the presentation of reports in the areas of Sports, Recreation and Physical Education.

The main topics discussed in the papers were related to recreational physical activities for the Taekwondo sport; exercises to improve the shoulder girdle in the practitioners of Archery in Florida; orientation workshops for the knowledge of the rules of refereeing in Basketball and actions for the improvement of the long jump in the 11-12 years old category of athletics in the municipality, among others.

During the presentation of the students of the Physical Culture career in their pre-defense for the exercises of culmination of studies to be held next June 20, it was evidenced the quality of the work performed in the years of efforts, on the part of students, teachers and tutors.

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