Activities promoted in Florida to celebrate World Environment Day

Florida, June 4 – Various actions are being promoted by Floridian students and teachers to celebrate World Environment Day, a day that began this Monday and will last until Wednesday, June 5.

Special matinees, lectures, informative panels and drawing contests are some of the activities planned in the educational institutions of the territory to highlight the date, promote environmental awareness and get students to identify with the problems that affect the ecosystem.

The day will include cleaning and beautification of educational institutions, attention to gardens, playgrounds, school plots and orchards, and discussions on environmental care, where the need to learn to recycle and reuse is implicit among students.

Florida’s educational sector has designed a didactic strategy with a set of pedagogical actions supported by methods, techniques and learning.

Among the objectives of the system are the development of a culture for the protection of the environment and education for the prevention of disaster risks, as well as instruction on hazards, vulnerabilities, desertification and drought, biodiversity conservation and water preservation.

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