Floridian teachers present their experiences at Pedagogy 2025 municipal event (+Post)

Florida, May 18 – In order to promote scientific activity and showcase best practices, Floridian teachers participated in the municipal event Pedagogy 2025, held at the special school José Luis Tassende de las Muñecas, which was preceded by meetings in each of the educational institutions of the territory.

Presided by the motto For the unity of all educators and with the central theme, Science, Education, Innovation for a sustainable human development and a higher quality in the teaching-education process, the event was attended by teachers, methodologists and directors of the general management of this sector.

Inclusive, equitable and quality education, a strategy to prepare teachers on socio-educational inclusion in order to improve preventive work, personnel improvement, and a system of activities for the formation of values and understanding of Marti’s work were some of the topics presented by the participants, evaluated by each accredited tribunal in the four working commissions created.

The best works will be exhibited in the provincial event to be held in the city of Camagüey.

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